An Introduction to NFTs

What does NFT stand for?

Let's start simple. NFT stands for Non-fungible token. Non-fungible essentially means unique, it can't be replicated or replaced.

When you buy a Hare Rewards NFT we guarantee to be the only one with that particular design ever.

What are NFTs?

In its most basic format, an NFT tends to be a digital piece of artwork with a unique identification code and metadata (information) that are linked to the blockchain. Usually these tend to be photos, videos or audio files.

The Hare Rewards NFT is an evolution of a typical NFT; not only is it a beautiful piece of art, but it's proof of your membership of the Hare Rewards travel membership.

The unique identifier for each NFT is stored on the blockchain and validates when it was purchased and by who, providing official recorded ownership and with it, bragging rights.

What is the Blockchain?

This is a whole other question, but in simple terms it's a digital ledger. A list of records (blocks) linked together through cryptography.

Hare Rewards is built on the most well-known and most trusted Blockchain — Ethereum. Ethereum has a market cap worth hundreds of billions of USD Dollars and is used by major brands from tech giants like Facebook through to big brands like Nike and luxury goods company Louis Vuitton.

Why purchase the Hare Rewards NFT?

Another great question. It's digital art collecting in its early stages. Not only is the Hare Rewards NFT a beautiful and unique piece of art — it's proof of membership to Hare Rewards — an exciting new travel rewards program.

Hare Rewards is a revolutionary new travel NFT, which rewards NFT holders with a series of virtual and physical rewards.

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