We have listed the most common questions about Hare Rewards and their answer. If you have questions about the airport lounge passes specifically, then please read the airport lounge FAQ.

If there is anything else you want to ask; please join our Telegram or Discord group or email us at help@harerewards.com.

We will make all benefits available to members as they become available, but in order to secure the best deals for our members we negotiate any commercial partnerships in total confidence and only announce them when they are fully agreed.

Each benefit that we offer our Members has a dedicated landing page on the Hare Rewards site and companion App. Benefits are not automatically applied to your account, so you need to redeem the benefit through the App to take advantage of the offer. You must own the NFT at the time of redemption and usage of any membership reward.

Hare Rewards is rewards program specifically tailored to the travel community, it is not a credit card.

The initial edition of Hare Rewards NFT will be 5,000 and will be made available on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each NFT grants the owner membership of the Hare Rewards community and its benefits. These rewards can only be redeemed by the current owner of the NFT.

A person can mint three Hare at once, with no limit on the amount of Hare one can purchase if they would like to repeat the process over and over.

Yes, you will be able to cycle between them if you hold several.

Yes, a fee will be incurred by our marketplace or Opensea, designed to cover our costs and also finance future perks.

This is not planned, should this change it will be announced.

Each NFT has its own balance of rewards. Also we feel each NFT is a unique and desirable piece of modern art.

Not initially, but we are in discussions with a partner to offer this payment option.

We will make the NFT art available in blocks as they are minted.

We have plans to create our own marketplace in addition to OpenSea.

We plan to offer extra incentives to NFT holders, but this will likely be perks rather than price discounts.

Hare Rewards membership is available to everyone in the world. Whilst there may be some differences between what brands and partners are available in your country, this will be listed on the individual benefit pages. We do our best to select benefits that all Members can enjoy.

Yes, all Hare holders must be at least 21 years of age.

You can sell your token on the secondary market (i.e: Opensea.io). Any unclaimed rewards and benefits are transferred alongside the NFT.

Yes, the Hare Rewards NFT is high resolution – its 2048 x 2048 pixels (Thats about 4 times higher than a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT!).

To view your Hare Rewards NFT in your wallet you will need to import it. Please note that currently only TrustWallet and MetaMask (Mobile).

You will need to ensure you are connected to the Ethereum Mainnet (In Metamask/TrustWallet switch to the NFTs tab) and then import the contract address.

  1. Add the official Hare Rewards NFT address; 0x8BDB1E81b79A4B87d8907709b456bB4f9157BC2F
  2. In the ID box add the number of your Hare NFT, after a brief delay (them not us) the NFT will display and load in your wallet. You cannot add an NFT that you do not own, so make sure you use the right ID (It is going to be between 1-5000 and is shown by the NFT in the gallery tab.)

Hare Rewards is a revolutionary new travel NFT, which rewards NFT holders with a series of virtual and physical rewards.

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