Hare Rewards Benefits

Lounge Access

We want to help you have the very best travel experiences, and Hare Rewards is designed to give a range of benefits to its holders. One of the most popular benefits will be complimentary Premium Lounge passes at most of the worlds major airports.

Every Hare NFT has a balance of Lounge Passes; and to get access to these airport lounges you redeem one pass per adult guest and in you go. If you need more passes you can buy more with our companion Hare Coin cryptocurrency.

The passes are easy to redeem through our companion Hare Rewards App which will be published on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Airport Lounge Passes

Lost Luggage Service

Lost Luggage Assistance

There are not many things worse than losing your luggage! We offer all members of Hare Rewards the option to print their NFT onto an exclusive and unique set of luggage tags. This way if your luggage is found the tag provides an easy means to contact you through your Hare profile.

The tags can be bought with our companion Hare Coin cryptocurrency, and your profile and contact can be managed through this site.

Exclusive Hare Event Access

As part of our commitment to running the worlds best travel rewards membership we will be hosting exclusive, luxury parties around the world — with complimentary access to our members!

To enter? You need to be on the guest list and the only way to be on that is to buy and hold a Hare Rewards NFT — each NFT gives one event guest pass. Please note that attendees will need to be of legal age to enter the venue, and that will vary by country.



Physical Goods

We spent a great deal of time in crafting a beautiful NFT collection, and we know you will be keen to show it to the world. With this in mind, you can easily order physical merch through the Hare Rewards site, including; t-shirts, hoodies, framed prints, luggage tags and more.

All original Hare Rewards NFT minters will be able to request one exclusive metal Hare Rewards card — you will only need to pay shipping.

Exclusive Airdrops

Although our focus is on real-world travel and experiences, we do understand that the metaverse will become more and more important in the luxury travel realm. With that in mind, we would plan to bring our NFT holders on the ride with us.

So when we launch innovative experiences in the metaverse; you can expect beta access, and potentially airdrops of items like metaverse avatars or virtual goods.


VIP rewards and experiences

VIP Rewards

Hare sits at the intersection of where emerging technologies like the blockchain meets art and travel. We are building a platform to make travel easier, better and more inclusive. With this goal in mind, we are going to reward Hare Rewards members with perks across our platform.

You might get a free lounge pass when you buy some new travel accessories, or get discounted flights and stays with our partners. We have some exciting plans to shake up the travel sector and by buying a Hare Reward NFT you ensure you get to enjoy all that there is to come.

Hare Rewards is a revolutionary new travel NFT, which rewards NFT holders with a series of virtual and physical rewards.

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