Welcome to Hare Rewards

Hare Rewards begins with an initial collection of 5,000 Hare NFT. Each Hare is a unique digital collectable powered by the Ethereum blockchain and offers each holder a host of real-world travel and lifestyle benefits.

Hare Rewards uses the blockchain to connect the worlds of: art, fashion, technology and travel.

Not only is each Hare a work of modern art, but they double as a travel reward card. Holders will be granted exclusive access to perks like member-only events and even loot drops (both physical and digital).

Future benefits include: airport lounge access, lost luggage services, event access, exclusive shopping & dining discounts and more.

Key Membership Benefits

Hare Rewards gives you Membership to a community of thousands, with a variety of perks and exclusive rewards from leading brands and partners from across the world.

  • Travel Rewards

    Receive Discounts and Perks for travel experiences through our Partners and Platform.

  • Worldwide Airport Lounge Access

    Each NFT comes with a number of FREE Worldwide Airport Lounge passes.

  • Exclusive Airdrops

    Periodic airdrops of complimentary digital and physical assets.

  • Lost Luggage Assistance

    You can order a set of exclusive luggage tags which can help identify you as the owner of luggage if it's lost or misplaced — without specialist equipment.

  • Metal Membership Card

    A premium, printed metal membership card adorned with your unique NFT and ID.



The Details

We have generated 5,000 unique Hares for the first edition. Each Hare is unique and programmatically generated from over 120 traits, including fur colour, expressions, headwear, glasses, accessories, footwear, and more. Whilst every Hare is collectible, desirable and stylish, some are rarer than others.

The Hares are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and securely hosted on a private IPFS node. Purchasing a Hare costs 0.25 ETH.

To access this website's Members Lounge, Hareholders will need to be signed into their Metamask Wallet and own at least one Hare.

Hare Rewards is a revolutionary new travel NFT, which rewards NFT holders with a series of virtual and physical rewards.

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